We help you formulate your business case, understand your current organisational culture, align your culture to strategy, build your team’s capability so they value and build an inclusive future.

Our CQ-5 framework is an end to end solution that helps you build intelligent and inclusive growth that delivers economic and social outcomes

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Our Services:



Every organisation is different, no one solution fits all. We tailor our solutions to your needs.

Asian market: capability & connection

The Asian Century is here, why not get a slice of the pie?

  • Define what and how for your business
  • Introduce you to businesses in Asia
  • Accompany you and be your cultural ally
  • Develop Asia capability in your employees & leaders

Business case:

  • Customised business case based on employee and customer demographics, growth target, market trends and survey

Strategy Alignment:

  • Gap analysis between actual culture & optimal culture
  • Alignment of organisational culture to deliver strategic growth objectives
  • Consulting and advisory on quick wins and areas for change focus
  • Talent pipeline development

Diagnostic based on Hofstede’s six dimensions:

  • Organisational culture assessment to measure actual culture & design optimal culture
  • Measure individual cultural preferences and team culture scan

CQ Council:

  • Set up your CQ council to create, own and drive the inclusion strategy for employee and customer brand and experience

  • Facilitate and chair meetings, workshops and roundtables

Executive Coaching:

One on one coaching for CEO and Executive team:

  • Cross Cultural/Intercutural team
  • Expatriate/repatriation assignments
  • New country set-up


Build capability and competency in your leadership, team and organisation

Cultural Intelligence for Growth

This workshop focuses on awareness and understanding of your employee and your consumer cultures. You will be equipped on how to build trust, engagement and growth.

Disrupt Unconscious Bias @Work:

This training has been designed to help participants understand and identify personal & organisational biases, how they relate to differences, how to reverse them and practice inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion 2030: A business imperative in this decade

This training is tailored to meet your Diversity & Inclusion goals. Highly engaging it delivers our expertise & content and addresses on real life situations. It is ideal for leadership team and can be cascaded to the whole team.

Women and Men leading gender balance together program:

We set up a series of panel discussion comprising of both leadership, employees and external guests with a key topic/agenda to define the roles we all play to drive inclusion together.

CQ Conversation Toolkit:

Toolkits to facilitate conversations and avoid conflict based on neuro-leadership and engagement.

Amplify Diversity Pipeline Accelerator

This six month accelerator helps cascade inclusive diversity throughout the organisation. It is based on the LEADERS framework, we help you build your leadership pipeline from all cultural backgrounds. It includes leadership development modules, coaching and accountability as well as support community.

We offer 2 pathways and can also be tailored:

  • Amplify Women Pipeline Accelerator
  • Amplify Multicultural Pipeline Accelerator


Engage, reward and grow your employees and customers with a keynote presentation. Our CEO, Anoushka Gungadin, is
an International Speaker and will work with you to deliver an outstanding experience for your audience.

Keynote Topic 1:

Cultural Intelligence: The Competitive Tool of the Future

Key Highlights:

  • What is cultural intelligence
  • The opportunities of the modern economy
  • Benefits of CQ
  • The CQ5-step framework on how to build CQ in organisations

This presentation is perfect for CEOs, leadership team and managers of Strategy, People, Culture, Talent, HR, Diversity and Inclusion.

Keynote Topic 2:

Culture and strategy smashing avocados together

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the relationship between culture and strategy
  • Find out if your current culture is accidental or optimal for your business strategy
  • Benefits of culture and strategy alignment on organisational performance and well-being

This presentation is perfect for CEOs, leadership team and managers of Strategy, People, Culture, Talent, HR, Diversity and Inclusion.

Motivational Keynote:


Key Highlights:

  • Self belief & our DNA
  • Change your narrative and change your life
  • If I can, you can: step into your power​

This presentation tells the story of starting over and over again. It shows that we are more powerful than we believe and if we get out of our own way, half the job is done. This talk will inspire and empower many to step into their power.

Other Topics

The following topics are Anoushka’s current Keynote and Workshop themes.

  • The future world of work
  • Developing Global minded leadership
  • The future HR in leadership
  • Return on skill, perspective and thought diversity
  • Getting ready for your future employee, the future customer

If you have a specific event theme or topic you would like covered, Anoushka will work with you to develop concepts that will best resonate with your audience.

To request a speaker kit or to book Anoushka, please contact her at: hello@globalcq.com


OnePassport is our platform that connects Employers to our diverse talent pool.

As a CQ Employer you can:

  • Access a larger talent pool for recruitment
  • Access verified candidate employment, education, reference and other background checks across 190 countries
  • Save significant recruitment time and cost