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Start a dialogue and a change process

The Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture is a strategic tool aimed at helping organisations to have a functional culture by visualising:

  • The actual culture in an organisation
  • Possible external restrictions limiting the optimal organisational culture
  • Hidden pain
  • The condition for change

You will never get anywhere with this strategy, considering the culture that you have. Now you need to make some adaptations!

– Geert Hofstede, Conference Helsinki 2012




  • Accurately measures your Organisational Culture it includes the sub-dimensions Leadership Acceptance and the Identification with the Organisation.
  • Let’s you define your optimal culture, aligned with your strategy
  • Shows gaps between actual and optimal culture including precise information on the cause(s) of the gaps
  • Points out valuable additional information – strength vs. weakness, common characteristics, early warning signals and additional salient findings
  • Gives input for change


  • When you feel something could be done better inside the organisation
  • If you have a concrete issue, for example, you need to improve efficiency, there are issues regarding trust and cooperation, you want to become more customer oriented, need to increase stay and/or work motivation, reduce the risk of burnout
  • For Mergers & Acquisitions to facilitate the integration of two cultures
  • Before any organisational change process as input to make change happen successfully


  • Ensure a smooth change process
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Know who you are before you start changing
  • See what you lack for being what you want to be


  • Talk to a certified consultant
  • Define subcultures to scan
  • Inform employees about the project
  • Fill in an online scan and/or have in-depth interviews conducted
  • Define optimal culture
  • Analyse gap report
  • Decide about change/not to change
  • Use your own change tools or Hofstede Insight’s tools: levers of change, executive match
  • Check the effectiveness of implemented change

Project duration: 4-6 weeks for measurement and analysis;
internal change process can take about 2 years and depends on individual cases.

More than 150 organisations are using The Multi-Focus Model every year, most of our cases are confidential. However, upon request, we’re happy to put you in touch with a reference in a similar industry or situation as you are.

Changing a culture is probably one of the most challenging and difficult tasks a manager has.

– Geert Hofstede

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