While GlobalCQ works with all professionals, we have a commitment to break down barriers for women to access opportunities, grow your network, build your confidence and create success on your own term

Are you a professional woman:

  1. In management and want to climb the Corporate ladder? OR
  2. A mum returning to work and want to relaunch your career? OR
  3. A professional who has moved from overseas and want to establish your network and launch your career here in Australia? OR
  4. An aspiring manager/future leader and/or finishing your postgraduate/masters degree?

Through research, interviews and our personal experience, we know the biggest challenges faced by professional women globally in their careers are:

Lack of confidence in pitching themselves

Lack of network that open doors to opportunities

Lack of support and mentoring

Build your confidence to pitch your skills and experience through:

  • Inspirational stories
  • Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Leveraging our LEADERS frameworks

Build your network with meaningful contacts through:

  • Attending our events
  • Connecting with our speakers and mentors
  • Enrolling in our workshops and programs
  • Access to our CQ Employers and partners

Become part of an exclusive and supportive group:

  • Of like-minded and capable professionals
  • in a safe and supportive environment
  • Of peer and formal mentors
  • Be held accountable and supported to reach your goals

It’s your LIFE, it’s your CALL. Invest in YOU.

Take Action Now by enrolling in our leadership programs

LIFT Accelerator Program

Walk Away with:

✔Clarity on the elements that makes you unique
✔Confidence in your skills and strengths
✔Areas to focus on next that is relevant to you (personalised plan)
✔Learn key skills that will build ‘You as an Asset’
✔Access to closed LIFT support community
✔Mentoring and accountability  blockbuster to execute the following:
  • Create your pitch
  • Build your presence
  • Build and grow your network
  • Find a career mentor/sponsor
Format: 6 months program with face to face and online workshops, mentoring and accountability sessions.

Next step: Register your interest for a discovery session to ensure this is the right fit for you

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