Your Career Down Under

Last night I was privileged to meet 11 professionals who have moved to Australia, pitching for their next career move.

This event, a first of its kind, is the brainchild of the #unemploymentwarrior, Naishadh Gadani, with Consul General of India, Mr Raj Kumar, as guest speaker.

According to Deloitte about 50% of migrants are not using their skills and qualifications acquired prior to moving to Australia.

Last night, this was on display:



How big is the ‘pond’ from which you, your team and your competitors are all fishing from?

– The familiar client pond is crowded

– The unfamiliar, diverse pond of new clients is growing

Beyond a big network, today a diverse network is a powerful differentiator.

How do you build a diverse network? Start with the team you have. The more diverse that team is, the bigger that pond is.

Apply and leverage cultural Intelligence to tap into untapped talent and client ponds.



5 Steps To Effective Networking

In any stage of your career, being able to network effectively can reap significant rewards. Cultivating relationships with others in your industry and externally can help land you your dream job a or start out in a new industry altogether. Most importantly, it can help you cultivate a supportive community of mentors and peers.

Clarify your goals

First define your goals. Are you looking to enter a new field, to move up in the company or find a mentor to help you grow your career? Depending on your answers, you can determine which social and professional channels would serve you best. (more…)


CQ Leader Series: Dionne Holder

Dionne Holder, Managing Director, China at FreemanXP has managed differing work cultures and highly diverse workplaces throughout her years in the event industry in Beijing. Her expertise includes event creation and conception, brand building, and customer relationship management.

She recently spoke to GlobalCQ on the relevance of CQ in her work and the most important skill employees need in today’s globalised workplace. (more…)