4 Ways To Succeed When Starting Your New Job

Starting at a new company is both a rewarding and challenging experience. As you take in the new opportunities it brings, you are also mindful of the onboarding at your new position with its own corporate culture and work styles.

Newly appointed leaders also face such challenges. They need to adapt quickly to inherent work norms, getting acquainted with the key influencers and work towards the company’s vision and goals while managing the day-to-day running of the company.
Before you start your first day, consider these strategies to help you chart a strong career path and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. (more…)


5 Steps To Effective Networking

In any stage of your career, being able to network effectively can reap significant rewards. Cultivating relationships with others in your industry and externally can help land you your dream job a or start out in a new industry altogether. Most importantly, it can help you cultivate a supportive community of mentors and peers.

Clarify your goals

First define your goals. Are you looking to enter a new field, to move up in the company or find a mentor to help you grow your career? Depending on your answers, you can determine which social and professional channels would serve you best. (more…)


CQ Leader Series: Dionne Holder

Dionne Holder, Managing Director, China at FreemanXP has managed differing work cultures and highly diverse workplaces throughout her years in the event industry in Beijing. Her expertise includes event creation and conception, brand building, and customer relationship management.

She recently spoke to GlobalCQ on the relevance of CQ in her work and the most important skill employees need in today’s globalised workplace. (more…)


CQ Leader Series: Justine Teggelove

Justine Teggelove, co-founder and the CEO of Rodine Australia is one of a handful of women leaders in the commercial construction industry. She understands better than most, the path one needs to carve to stand out in a male-dominated area.

Teggelove is also co-founder and director of BuildInCommon, an e-platform business empowering consumers to build, renovate or develop. She also sits on GlobalCQ’s advisory board.

As part of our interview series on CQ leaders, we asked about the importance of CQ in today’s global workplace and the essentials skills one needs for success. (more…)


Become a better leader with CQ (Cultural Intelligence)

Whether helming a team of 5 or 500, a good leader needs to exhibit certain qualities and skills to manage, support and guide her team forward. Leaders are expected to be focused, driven, decisive and good communicators.

A good leader, however, can become a great one by improving his or her Cultural Intelligence (CQ). CQ is the ability to work effectively across cultures and has now become a key skill in navigating one’s team in the midst of an increasingly competitive global economy.

Consider these three ways you can hone your CQ skills and positively impact on your team and company.