Who we are

Our mission is to champion cultural intelligence and inclusive diversity as a tool to build the modern world.

Our Founder, Anoushka Gungadin is a connector of people, culture and opportunity. A true global citizen, she was raised in a multicultural and multilingual environment and has lived and worked in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Anoushka believes that by effectively navigating and leveraging, the diversity in people, culture, perspective and skill in business, we can solve major economic and social issues.


We support the following UN Sustainable Goals for Development:

#5: Gender Equality     #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


Meet our team – collectively, we have lived, worked and led teams across all continents, in Corporates to Start-ups to NFPs, across various industries and speak more than half a dozen languages.

Advisory Board

Justine Teggelove

CEO – Rodine Australia

Michael Maher

CEO – Aged Care Development Network

Mandi Gunsberger

CEO, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Advisor

Yvonne Coburn

CEO, Lawyer, Global Leadership Development


Anoushka Gungadin

Founder / CEO

Emily Mathews

Head of Marketing & Communication

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