Diwali, festival of light and start of a new business year


Diwali, which means ‘array of lights’ is known as the festival of light is celebrated around the globe.

Diwali marks the start of the business year. It’s the end of the last harvest and start of the new season.

Did you know that it’s no uncommon for Indian businesses to actually start their financial year on Diwali, both in India and overseas. It’s a very auspicious and meaningful day.

There are many wisdom from Diwali that is relevant for our modern world:

1. Triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance

2. Understanding and mastery of our skills and talents to succeed

3. Patience and determination

4. Love & loyalty

5. Finding happiness from our inner light, regardless of external changing conditions

May your life and work be blessed with light, love, health & prosperity.


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