4 Ways To Succeed When Starting Your New Job

4 Ways To Succeed When Starting Your New Job

Starting at a new company is both a rewarding and challenging experience. As you take in the new opportunities it brings, you are also mindful of the onboarding at your new position with its own corporate culture and work styles.

Newly appointed leaders also face such challenges. They need to adapt quickly to inherent work norms, getting acquainted with the key influencers and work towards the company’s vision and goals while managing the day-to-day running of the company.
Before you start your first day, consider these strategies to help you chart a strong career path and explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Build a 360 network
Seek and nurture professional relationships with your peers and with people senior and junior to you in the firm’s hierarchy. Look for connections with those across departments as well. A supportive network of people can also help provide feedback, critique and guidance as you learn the ropes in your new position. Ensure it is a two-way street by offering support and help when needed as well.

Be aware of all your responsibilities
Most jobs come with a detailed description of responsibilities, however they may be added tasks and briefs which are implied. Arrange a sit down with your boss to go over carefully your responsibilities and how you will be evaluated in regards to them. Inquire about your boss’ work style and how she or he would prefer to receive reports or feedback.

Take charge of your career
Set goals for yourself and set time frames for each. Ask your mentor or trusted colleagues on what goals to pursue and how to plan for them. Take stock in a few months to evaluate if you are going in the right direction and if not, ask again about ways to improve and how to boost your value to the company.

Take the initiative
While you learn all aspects of your new position, keep an eye out for projects that you may be interested in or passionate about. They may not be directly work-related, but taking time out to pursue ideas or projects which benefit the company or employees shows that you are willing to serve in other ways as well. An added bonus is the increased visibility within the company it will bring.

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