CQ Leader Series: Dionne Holder

CQ Leader Series: Dionne Holder

Dionne Holder, Managing Director, China at FreemanXP has managed differing work cultures and highly diverse workplaces throughout her years in the event industry in Beijing. Her expertise includes event creation and conception, brand building, and customer relationship management.

She recently spoke to GlobalCQ on the relevance of CQ in her work and the most important skill employees need in today’s globalised workplace.

What does Cultural Intelligence mean to you?

It means managing talent from different backgrounds in a fair and balanced way.

How is CQ relevant to your organisation?

It is relevant as it involves conducting foreign business in China, foreigners working with Chinese nationals and ensuring Chinese businesses have an understanding of American procedures.

How has your employee diversity changed in the last 10 years?

It has changed in terms of diversity as there are more local talent who have a Western background.

In today’s workplace, what are the key attributes employees need to have in order to be successful in your business?

An understanding of cross cultural work practices.

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