CQ Leader Series: Justine Teggelove

CQ Leader Series: Justine Teggelove

Justine Teggelove, co-founder and the CEO of Rodine Australia is one of a handful of women leaders in the commercial construction industry. She understands better than most, the path one needs to carve to stand out in a male-dominated area.

Teggelove is also co-founder and director of BuildInCommon, an e-platform business empowering consumers to build, renovate or develop. She also sits on GlobalCQ’s advisory board.

As part of our interview series on CQ leaders, we asked about the importance of CQ in today’s global workplace and the essentials skills one needs for success.

What does Cultural Intelligence mean to you?

It means working cohesively and effectively with people from all walks of life, cultures and circumstances.

How is CQ relevant to your organisation?

In the diversity with our internal and external clients, in the multidisciplinary teams in multiple locations and in the diverse portfolio of suppliers at state, national and international levels.

Has your customer base changed in the past 10 years?

Yes, with our publicly listed clientele base.

How has your employee diversity changed in the last 10 years?

(We have increased) diversity with regards to the male to female ratio. We also have more employees of diverse cultural backgrounds with international experience.

Currently, Australians who were born overseas comprise 49% of the population. Does your company’s strategy also you to benefit from this diverse market opportunity?

Yes. We are expanding to service major contracts which require a diverse skill base and experience.

In today’s workplace, what are the key attributes employees need to have in order to be successful in your business?

They need to have a team-minded approach, respect and strong communication skills (internally and externally). They also need to think innovatively and be able to problem solve, particularly on live sites which have a multitude of stakeholder management.


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