CQ leaders series: Yvonne Coburn

CQ leaders series: Yvonne Coburn

Leadership Consultant Yvonne Coburn is well versed in the areas of executive coaching and leadership. With over 25 years of national and International experience in Executive Search Assignments and leadership consulting, she has extensive know-how of the tools and expertise needed to develop better leaders. She has also spoken on gender related issues in management and leadership.

Coburn is an advisory board member of GlobalCQ, a board member of the HAKOAH Club Ltd and a senior consultant at the University of Sydney Business School. She is also CEO of The CreatingWE Institute Australia and New Zealand.

She recently took some time out to speak with GlobalCQ on the need for Cultural Intelligence in business and how she utilizes it in her various roles.

How relevant is CQ to your business?

It is relevant for a few reasons. We often work with different multicultural clients and we are interested in global leadership consulting and its impact. In addition, we also promote our leadership consulting with a lens of diversity.

Has your customer base changed in the past 10 years?

Yes, we are growing in diversity with regards to gender and age.

How would you describe the change in employee diversity over the last 10 years?

We (now) have more employees that have moved from countries such as China and India.

Currently, Australians who were born overseas comprise 49% of the population. Does your company’s strategy also you to benefit from this diverse market opportunity?

Yes. We are mindful of being inclusive and look for opportunities for all cultures.

In today’s workplace, what are the key attributes employees need to have in order to be successful in your business?

They need to have the ability to listen, connect and inspire.

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