5 Ways Women Can Rise To The Top

5 Ways Women Can Rise To The Top

Women across the globe face numerous challenges as they strive for promotion, career advancement and greater influence in the workplace.

Women and men enter the workforce at almost comparable rates every year but women encounter many more hurdles on their way to the top. They find themselves undervalued, their contributions unrewarded and their careers stalled.

If you’ve reached your glass ceiling, consider five steps you can take now, that can help you break it in the future.

Find a Mentor

Having a good mentor is invaluable as they can provide career advice, help you avoid career pitfalls and be a strong advocate in the workplace. Research by Catalyst, a non-profit group, revealed that women and men who were mentored went on to be promoted and receive better pay. Reach out to senior leadership (CEO or senior executive level) within your organization and ask if they would be willing to be a mentor. Seek executives externally as well, people you admire who could be a sounding board for your ideas or provide career guidance.

Seek a Sponsor

Having a sponsor in your company means someone is fighting for you even when you are not in the room, explained Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and Founder of Ellevest during her talk at a Catalyst conference recently.
“ (And) that’s the power of a sponsor. It’s the ability to get you hired and ability to keep you from getting fired,” she added.
Seek someone at least two or more levels senior to you, discuss your value to the company and ask if they would consider being your sponsor.

Be Your Own Advocate

You need to be your own champion in the workplace. Take the opportunities to highlight your successes and achievements, to`own’ them (but not in a boastful manner).When leadership is aware of your valuable contributions, it ensures you are front of mind when the next round of promotions are considered.

Step Forward

Studies have shown that more men apply for a position even when they are not fully qualified while women tend to delay applying until they feel they have all the prerequisites. Discard the doubt and apply for that promotion. Ask your mentor for advice, take a deep breath and take the leap! After all, if you don’t apply for something, you can’t expect to get it.

Commit to a Growth Mindset

Consider every opportunity to develop new skillsets within your organization. Look for insightful professional and personal development workshops in and around your area and sign up. By doing so, you will be able to connect with other like-minded professionals, grow your network and gain peer support. Challenge yourself, and who knows? It may even lead you to your dream job.

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